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Event Video Production San Diego

One of the main things we focus on at FoxHouse Media is capturing events in a fun and creative way. Not only do we make sure all our footage is cinematically sound but the attendees are also having a great time. Being able to make each clip a personal experience and capturing genuine happiness and excitement is what we believe separates our event coverage from others

Sample Event Videos

Client: Farmer & The Seahorse
Event: Kids Carnival 2018
Client: Alienware
Event: UCSD Sungod Festival 2018
Client: Alienware
Event: Cole Seeley Drift Event
FoxHouse Nightlife / Festival Reel 2018
Event: Various Events
Client: Real Producers Magazine
Event: Launch Party
Client: BPONG
Event: World Series of Beer Pong XII
Client: Meze
Event: Harry Potter Trivia Night
Client: PRG
Event: Arbonne Pure Job
Client: Corona
Event: EDC 2017
Client: Down & Derby
Event: Skate Night
Client: Wild Turkey
Event: Echo Park 2016