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About Us

We believe in thinking different and challenging the status quo. We believe people with passion can change the world for the better.

The story of FoxHouse Media dates back nine years. Our video production agency is the product of artistic visionaries — of creatives joining forces to produce powerful media through our film, photography, and web design services.

My name is Kevin Daniels, and I launched my career as a freelance photographer, videographer, and web designer since 2008. I developed my skills in New York, spent five years polishing my techniques in Las Vegas, and moved to San Diego — where FoxHouse Media is based — in January 2017.

Around that time, I decided to expand my team. I met Josh Lake, an extremely talented editor and secondary shooter, and began to collaborate with him. Our agency has really taken off in San Diego. We love the area and the partnerships we’ve built, and plan to stick around for a long while.

FoxHouse Media has worked with a roster of talented clients such as PRG North America, UFC, and Farmers Insurance Group. We like to stay up to date on the latest shooting and editing trends, and use the best camera technologies to give our clients a leg up in building their brand. Ultimately, our aim is to create video content that organizations can use to promote not only themselves, but also the products and services they offer.

Please feel free to reach out to us for more information, and we’ll let you know how FoxHouse Media can make your brand stand out.