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Ad Campaign Videos

Our Mission:

Create relationships with businesses and use online ads to deliver new clients to them on a regular basis in a consistent and predictable way.

Videos are powerful marketing tools for any business regardless of industry or size. But to really harness this power there has to be a specific balance of marketing dollars going towards the production of the videos themselves and ad spend. When a company uses their entire budget on a video with incredible production value with no money left over for ad spend it results in poor performance since almost no new customers are seeing the video. When the opposite happens and the company makes a really low-production value video and blasts it out to thousands of viewers the ad performance is also bad because the video looks and sounds bad and the messaging may not be on point.

This is where we really shine. We take your budget and perfectly divide it into powerful messaging that gets seen by many, resulting in pure sales. We want to partner with you to consistently make you money and have amazing videos that you will truly be proud of. We do all your video production, targeting, and ad placement so you can just sit back and watch the money come in

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