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Event Videography Services San Diego

FoxHouse Media is a San Diego based creative video production agency. We offer premium videography services to the San Diego market with as little as 24-hours notice.

San Diego Event Videographers on call

Our San Diego videographers are highly trained and equipped with the latest video production gear.

When you require a videographer, we brainstorm and plan out multiple options to ensure we offer the best product possible. We understand each video shoot is unique in video gear scope and requirements and production expertise. So it is our duty to provide you with the videographer that is most suited for the job and equip the videographer with the right production gear​

FoxHouse Media has various videographers with experience in productions such as live events, concerts, action sports, corporate event videos, and more. The diversity in our creatives allows us to handpick the right technician for the shoot based on the projects aspirations and production goals.

Based on the information provided, we can formulate a production plan that guarantees we film the best quality coverage possible with the best gear. We want this video to work for you and ultimately surpass all the goals we set for the video, and that’s only possible through detailed pre-production clarity and proper execution. For example, if you need a videographer to film an event for use on social media, then we optimize our production to fit those specific needs.

Is your event big? Do you need a team of videographers?

Not a problem we can assemble a team of videographers that all work as one cohesive unit.​

Why choose a FoxHouse Media Event Videographer?

Our videographers are trained to film in a high-paced production environment, along with professionalism and industry level production gear. Most importantly, our videographers are passionate about filmmaking and out event services are sure to make your event’s ticket sales increase for the next year.

FoxHouse Media is the best event videography services option in San Diego.

One of the main things we focus on at FoxHouse Media is capturing events in a fun and creative way. Not only do we make sure all our footage is cinematically sound but the attendees are also having a great time. Being able to make each clip a personal experience and capturing genuine happiness and excitement is what we believe separates our event coverage from others

Sample Event Videos

Client: Farmer & The Seahorse
Event: Kids Carnival 2018
Client: Alienware
Event: UCSD Sungod Festival 2018
Client: Alienware
Event: Cole Seeley Drift Event
FoxHouse Nightlife / Festival Reel 2018
Event: Various Events
Client: Real Producers Magazine
Event: Launch Party
Client: BPONG
Event: World Series of Beer Pong XII
Client: Meze
Event: Harry Potter Trivia Night
Client: PRG
Event: Arbonne Pure Job
Client: Corona
Event: EDC 2017
Client: Down & Derby
Event: Skate Night
Client: Wild Turkey
Event: Echo Park 2016