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The Process

Research / Preproduction

The very first thing we do is research your website and any previous promotional material you may have produced. Next, we’re going to set up an initial client meeting, and during that meeting, we want to make sure we determine your goal, budget, and schedule, and whether or not we can even deliver the project that you want. We then form a statement of work for approval.

The next phase, once all of those things are settled, is pre-production. Now we’re ready to get down to the work of planning the shoot, starting off by making a production plan and a schedule for shooting. We’re going to also book any rental equipment we might need. We create scripts, shot lists, and storyboards if necessary, and lastly, we’re going to hire our crew and any on-screen talent that we might need. Now we’re ready to get down to the nitty gritty of production.


-How Many Cameras Do we Need?


-Audio Equipment

-Grip and Lighting Equipment

-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones)


Now the day of production is going to start with a simple location walk-through, pretty much deciding where you’re going to shoot what, where you’re going to stage things, and we do a quick crew briefing and a talent briefing. Then we’re going to block, stage, light, and shoot our project during principle production.

Post Production

The final step, of course, is post-production. We go through all the footage we shot and create a timeline of just the good B-Roll and we sync any multi-camera interviews and external audio. From there we find royalty-free music and create a polished edit complete with color-correction, titles and logos. Now we’re ready to show it to you. Depending on the complexity of the project we may use a review platform called to give us time-code specific feedback.

This is where you review the video and give us any desired revisions. From here we make the final tweaks and send you the final version along with an invoice for the balance